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The abandoned power station is not a random location it is a contemporary nod to the past.
It creates a mysterious atmosphere and a quaint backdrop for our campaign. Not only does the session stand out for its contrast,
its character and its adventurous style, but it also captures perfectly the spirit of the futuristic, urban world.

Vanguard takes us to a place that juxtaposes a dynamic and modern way of life.
Among the products, there will be no shortage of shiny fabrics, wearable technology, grunge and military green.
Both functional jackets and sweatshirts from the flag City Lights collection will be available.

In the latest scene, we focus on individuality, emphasising the uniqueness of each fashion choice.
It is a collection that encourages people to find their own style and to break the rules. The stylisations created for the Vanguard
campaign stand in stark contrast to the formulaic schemes. They show that our clothes are not just clothes. They are part of our identity.