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Timeless whatever the season

The PRE-SPRING collection brings a breath of fresh air and a touch of luxury. Spring is all about layers, refined cuts and well-balanced patterns. You can move freely between seasons thanks to the minimalist aesthetic with hints of brown, soft beige and contrasting colour accents. The new look of grey, on the other hand, will help to rejuvenate timeless outfits.

The basis of a man’s wardrobe are comfortable shirts. The collection will include both classic cuts and patterned styles. There will be many ways to express yourself. They are made from carefully selected fabrics and have a tailored fit that emphasises the male silhouette. The weaves used that are pleasant to the touch make wearing them a real delectation.

The PRE-SPRING collection blends classic shapes with contemporary design, showcasing the textures of the materials used and the precision with which they are crafted. The jacquard waistcoat is an elegant accessory designed for comfort and freedom of movement. They are an ideal complement to both everyday and more formal styling, thanks to their simple form supplemented with unusual textures. Alongside the classic models, there will also be smooth finished and collar accentuated versions.

Encouraging fashion experimentation and unusual combinations, the new jacket range is here to stay. We pay particular attention to quality and precision craftsmanship in every product, ensuring that each has an elegance and timeless style. They are the perfect partner for understated polo shirts, allowing you to express yourself in smart casual style. Complemented by elegant chinos, they are enhanced by refined details and subtle branding to create a harmonious whole.