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BADLANDS is a bold flirt with fashion, self-confidence and blurring the boundaries with things which are impossible. Dialling up and abandoning convenances for the sake of the edgy and distinct cuts, extraordinary patterns and fashion details. The quintessence of a male style, nonchalance and character.

Welcome to OMBRE, the world of our autumn collection.

The place with a history - a gravel mine - a symbol of power and the intemperateness of wild nature.

Ideal background tuned with the character of this collection on which, in the dust and in the last rays of sunlight, we clash retro aesthetics with modernity, creating a unique and surprising world of the BADLANDS campaign.

Total focus on two-season jackets, coats and waistcoats, and their refined detail. The pallette of natural entourage colours immerses perfectly in the colours of our collection, corresponding with the shades of green, brown and ochre accompanied by timeless black.

BADLANDS integrates modernity and classic creating a unique collection for a contemporary man.

It is a tribute to bygone times.

Do not chase the fashion, let the fashion chase you.